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NOTE: Trimble model NetRS is no longer supported. This model was discontinued many years ago and there are no parts available. For NetRS receivers that may be repaired with a new flashcard, the procedure to create one is located here. http://facility.unavco.org/kb/questions/813/Imaging+a+Trimble+NetRS+receiver+compact+flashcard. Should you have any questions please contact us (repairs@unavco.org).

If the equipment you are sending in for repair is not included in the manufacturer and model menus below, please contact repairs@unavco.org for approval prior to shipment.

If the repair requires parts not covered by a warranty you will be asked to supply a purchase order to UNAVCO or a credit card number to cover the costs of the necessary parts.


  • We ask that you complete the Equipment Repair Request Form prior to sending any equipment for repairs. While you may send multiple receivers in a single shipment, please complete one form and use a separate RMA number for each GPS receiver.
  • Be as detailed as you can in describing the problem.
  • Please mark the issued RMA number(s) on the outside of your shipping carton.
  • Please DO NOT send auxiliary equipment such as antenna, cables, power supplies, and pelican cases etc. unless you believe it to be part of your equipment problem.
  • Be sure to indicate if you want UNAVCO to download or to attempt to recover any data from your failed receiver. We suggest that whenever possible you download and save any data prior to sending a unit in for repair. If you do not indicate this on the form, no attempt will be made to save your data!
  • You will be updated on the status of your repair via the email address you provide (in ~1 week). Please e-mail repairs@unavco.org for more information.
  • Please be sure and record the RMA # for each submission. The issued number is how all repair are tracked and should be used for all inquiries about your repair.
  • Data downloads are not possible on NetR8 and NetR9 GPS receivers.
  • NetR8 main boards are on back order with Trimble until approximately April 2012. If you submit a NetR8 and it requires a main board for repair in this time frame, the repair will be delayed until service parts are received.


This form will no longer be used to return equipment to be RETIRED or that is OUT OF WARRANTY and IRREPARABLE or can be easily repaired by you. To retire equipment send the UNAVCO ID number and reason to Eric Schaub and he will retire it in the database. You can then dispose of electronics properly. If you have any question email repairs at unavco.org before sending equipment back to UNAVCO.

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