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What happens next?

After you have submitted an RMA to UNAVCO:
  1. You will receive an automated email from our tracking data base, sent to the email address you provided.

  2. Once the equipment arrives here in Boulder and we check it in, you will receive a second email. Normally we will examine the equipment, and as necessary advise you of any parts or other costs to complete your repair within approximately 1 week.

    If you do not receive the second automated email within a few days of when you expect the equipment to have arrived at our facility in Boulder, Colorado - please check with your carrier, then contact us to insure your equipment was not lost in shipment!

    If there are any costs involved we will contact you directly. We will need to get your approval and payment information before we can order parts and begin your repair. If you decline we will return the equipment to you. If we do not get a response from you, we will hold your equipment for up to 30 days before returning it.

    Repairs could take from 2-6 weeks, depending on what is required. If we expect it to take longer for any reason you can expect an email from us to update you.

  3. Once the repair is complete and your equipment has undergone final testing you will get another automated email. We will then ship the equipment back you with a few days, using the return shipping address and account billing information that you provided.
If you have any questions please contact us at, repairs@unavco.org

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