Travel Authorization Request Form

Travel advances must be requested at least 5 days in advance of the begin travel date.
Any travel outside of the United States is considered international travel.
Federally funded Foreign Travel supported by a U.S. agency other than NSF must receive prior approval of the awarding agency, as well as approval of the UNAVCO President. In addition, PI foreign travel funded by the GAGE Cooperative Agreement requires advance permission from the Program Officer.

Below are descriptions of the types of international travel. * denotes a travel request that will require an upload of supporting documentation by the traveler.

  • PI travel on the GAGE award - GAGE terms and conditions require NSF pre-approval for international travel by the principal investigators on the GAGE award (President, GI, GDS & ECE Directors).
  • NSF-sponsored travel - the NSF award administration policies (PAPPG) waive the pre-approval requirement established in the Uniform Guidance.
  • Non-NSF Federal Agency travel - documentation of agency pre-approval is required for international travelers on all federal awards as established in the Uniform Guidance.
  • Non-federal sponsorship - travel paid by private companies, international partner organizations, etc. typically doesn't require sponsor pre-approval.
Travel Type: